MedView is a medical technologies startup company focused on commercializing our proprietary, near infrared (NIR), spatially resolved diffusive reflectance technology for clinical applications, pharmaceutical manufacturing process quality control, and scientific/industrial research & development.

We have just completed the development of a non-clinical, generic device (DepthVision™-α) targeted for use in research & development applications by academia, scientific and industrial customers where three dimensional, ultra-high sensitive optical sensing is required inside turbid media.

Furthermore, the same technology components in DepthVision™-α also serves as the prototype platform for a handheld, non-invasive clinical device for accurately locating the optimal vein inside biological tissues to assist medical practitioners with performing venipuncture procedures. This Class II medical device, named VeinVision™, is currently in the alpha-prototype developmental stage.

MedView is also actively engaged in collaborative & partnership ventures with companies and higher education research institutions to discover more innovative applications for our IP technology.

Our proprietary IP technology was invented at the University of Waterloo by one of our co-founders as part of his PhD studies. The ownership of this proprietary technology was transferred to MedView, which was incorporated in 2014 with the aim to systematically develop & commercialize a broad range of applications across multiple markets, including for clinical applications (e.g. vein detection, blood glucose monitoring, cancer tumor detection, etc), pharmaceutical manufacturing process quality control, and for scientific and industrial research & development purposes.

We are passionate about discovering & building creative technology-based solutions to solve tough real-world challenges through the innovative application of our IP technology across a broad range of sectors, including medical/pharma, scientific research, agro-food processing & engineering, and industrial manufacturing.

We strive to deliver the best quality, user friendly products that will substantially improve the quality of outcomes from end-use applications, ranging from patient care & healthcare productivity to ensuring the building of better and higher quality products.

We are a team of talented engineers with an exclusive IP technology that is ready to be transformed into innovative, game-changing products for a wide variety of medical, scientific & industrial applications. We are driven by our common passion for achieving innovative solutions through the application of technologies, and shares the same fearless entrepreneurial spirit (as demonstrated by our willingness to venture into the difficult medical technologies field backed only by our technical expertise and the unassailable vision of success).

While every team member of MedView possesses the requisite passion & motivation to pursue our startup dream, we are still interested in hearing from experienced & talented individuals who can strengthen our team capabilities to sustain our relentless drive towards successful commercialization. Specifically, we seek candidates with well-balanced business development & leadership skills as well as startup expertise, preferably in the medical/clinical technologies industry, who are able to contribute in the roles of business executive, corporate finances, investment & funding acquisition, and advisory board members.

If you have what it takes to help us attain greater height of success, we want to hear from you. Contact us now!