SRS System for R&D Applications

DepthVision™-α is our first product released in May, 2014. It is a general purpose desktop 16-channel spatially resolved diffusive reflectance spectrometer targeted for academic  & scientific R&D applications.

This spectrometer is equipped with a standard 3 channel laser source configuration with 705nm, 808nm, and 850nm wavelengths. A fourth channel can be added by connecting an external laser source via a FC/PC fiber optic patch cable. Additional channels may be added at the time of the system build, based on customer needs.

The fiber probe consists of a cylindrical probe head that holds a linear array of 32 detection fibers (200-μm core diameter) positioned at 600µm (center-to-center). The laser source is located 5 mm (center-to-center) from the first detection fiber. The probe head configuration can be customized upon a request.

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3D Vein Detector

The Problem

Puncturing veins for drawing blood, intravenous feeding, or administering medicine is a key element of medical practices. Venipuncture is one of the most routinely performed invasive procedures.

The chief problems associated with venipuncture are:

  • Frequent errors in vein detection using traditional sight & touch method, due to various conditions including obesity, scarred tissues, small and frequently used veins, low blood pressure, cancer, and liver disease etc.
  • Perfectly healthy patients also experience similar difficulties, especially in an emergency condition.
  • The need for multiple punctures is time consuming and painful, typically causes bruising, nausea and infection.
  • Research found over 12% of the U.S population avoid going to doctor’s clinics and blood laboratories to give blood samples for routine testing due to these potential complications.

A US marketing survey carried out by Hospital Research Associates indicated that 63% of 286 respondents, phlebotomists, nurses, med-techs, IV Infusion Nurses, that were canvassed, are looking for a device to help them carry out their work more successfully.

The Solution

MedView is developing a highly innovative vein locator device (named VeinVision™) aimed at bringing a highly accurate, portable and inexpensive solution to help medical practitioners accurately locate the optimal vein for venipuncture purposes.

The device is built on proprietary IP (to be patented) owned by MedView, and based on Spatially Resolved Diffusive Reflectance Spectroscopy (SRDRS) for sensing inside biological tissues. SRDRS is the only practical method to penetrate deep enough inside tissues (i.e. easily penetrates up to 25 mm depth), while providing high enough detailed resolution (ranges 80 µm – 5000 µm) to effectively detect veins in 3D (see Figure 1).

SRDRS Penetration

Figure 1: Depth penetration & resolution of various imaging technologies for sensing inside biological tissues, showing the advantages of MedView’s SRDRS technology.

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MedView is seeking partnerships and collaborators to research & develop innovative applications for our proprietary technology. We are interested in hearing from companies & experts in the following sectors:

  • Medical/clinical applications
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing industry
  • Agro-food industry
  • Academic and scientific research & experimental institutions

If you are interested in exploring potential joint ventures in any of these sectors, please contact MedView today!